Visceral massage

Visceral massage

Price: 4000 rubles

Visceral massage (or visceral chiropractic) is a unique technique of gentle massage of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity.

Under what conditions is visceral massage indicated?

  • Prevention and work with dysfunctions of all body systems;
  • improper operation, omission or displacement of internal organs;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • bladder problems;
  • hernias and more.

For the harmonious work of the whole organism as a whole, it is very important to maintain a state of homeostasis in it, in which all organs and systems are in balance. But it is violated if at least one of the organs is displaced or becomes ill, which is accompanied by a weakening of the nerve fibers and vessels responsible for supplying the affected area. The supply of oxygen and nutrients becomes difficult, venous and lymphatic stagnation may occur, which in turn will lead to a failure in the purification processes and the development of pathogenic microflora. The body will be forced to adapt, and the functions of the diseased organ will be taken over by its neighbors, which will be overloaded. Thus, the work of the entire system will be disrupted, which will immediately affect the general physical and psychological state of a person, as well as his working capacity.

The essence of the visceral massage method is to correct the condition and functioning of internal organs through direct manual action and, consequently, to align the work of the entire system. During the session, the specialist, with smooth movements of the hands, as if probing the abdomen, trying to feel the position, movement and pulsation of each organ. With massage techniques, he relaxes the spasmodic ligaments on which the organs are held, and they themselves take their original form and return the organs to their places. The natural processes of self-regulation, regeneration and rejuvenation in the body are launched. Due to the stimulation of internal organs, blood and lymph circulation improves, cleansing processes are established, the skin condition is normalized.

The procedure is usually painless and even pleasant. This massage is suitable for everyone, including children and pregnant women. The only contraindication is infectious brain lesions.

You may be able to notice significant changes after the first time, but it is still recommended to take a course of visceral massage, which includes 5 or more sessions. The work started by the specialist goes on in the body for the next few days after admission. The body needs time to assimilate these processes and your help too. Therefore, most likely you will also receive homework in the form of recommendations on nutrition, breathing, cleansing and wellness practices, the purpose of which will be to maintain the running processes of self-healing and regeneration of the body.

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