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This is a unique device that allows you to start regeneration processes in the human body.

A key element of the healing system used in the Rejuvenation Center. An innovative healing method that allows you to start regeneration processes in the human body, affecting the cell structure at the biomolecular level.

One of the main objectives of this method is to rejuvenate the body and prevent premature aging.

The founder of the method, Professor Yuri Jiang Kanzhen, using the theory of field control, believes that in addition to food, water and minerals, a living organism needs information from other living organisms. A person living in a megalopolis among concrete buildings, actually cut off from nature, lacks biofield information and is in a state of energy-informational hunger. If the human body is exposed to the biofield of young plants, then the assimilated information of youth activates internal processes, charges with vital energy, stops the aging process.

As a result of numerous studies, the scientist came to the conclusion that the biofields of various organisms are able to influence each other. In particular, young shoots of plants have a biofield that carries the energy of youth, and are able to have a beneficial effect on the human body. In accordance with his own theory of biofield control, Dr. Yuri Jiang Kanzhen designed a quantobiotron. This device is made of non-magnetic materials and is a sphere (capsule), the surface of which reflects microwaves well. Sprouts of wheat, corn, peas and other crops are placed inside the sphere, which are a source of weak electromagnetic (torsion) fields. The principle of operation of the quantum biosphere is that a special zone is created inside it, which has a beneficial effect on the body. During the session, a person is located on the opposite side of the capsule, who remains alone with young plants for some time and is exposed to the positive energy effects of their torsion fields. His own biofield interacts with the biofields of green shoots, receives the necessary information and energy charge. As a result, the main indicators of health are significantly improved, a person looks and feels younger, metabolic processes work more actively. As the plants grow, they are replaced by fresh, fast-growing ones.

In addition, the quantum biosphere is designed in such a way that the so-called Kozyrev mirror effect is formed in it, named after the inventor Professor N.A. Kozyrev. The peculiarity of these mirrors is the ability to focus various types of radiation, including those propagating from biological objects (including young shoots of plants), which contributes to the increase of human bioenergetic potential, harmonization of physiological processes and mental functions, strengthening of human energy-informational abilities.

Also, the principle of a hypogeomagnetic chamber works in the quantum biosphere, which protects against the effects of any external magnetic fields and radio wave radiation, enhancing the healing effect.

The quantum biosphere is used for the following processes:

  • rejuvenation of the body;
  • prevention of oncological diseases;
  • restoring working capacity;
  • stress relief;
  • improved sleep;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • prevention of exacerbation of diseases;
  • getting new positive emotions;
  • rehabilitation after diseases and operations;
  • increasing the vitality of the body.

The Awakening of silent Genes

After a course of wellness procedures obtained with the use of the quantobiosphere, well-being noticeably improves, emotional tone increases, there is a surge of necessary vital energy. If a person had depression, a state of depression before being placed in the biosphere, then after the procedure, patients become calm, their performance increases several times. In many patients, hair restoration is noted after baldness, darkening of the hair is observed.

It is important to note that the quantum bio-emission of shoots of young plants translates the silent genes of the organism into an active state. As a result of this procedure, an anti-aging effect can be observed. Activated fundamental mechanisms of ontogenesis and regeneration play an important role here.

Activation of body functions

After recovery in the quantum biosphere, a person's consciousness clears, chronic pain passes, and immunity increases. A person begins to feel completely different, there is a feeling that you have suddenly been renewed, forced to live a full-fledged bright life, not overshadowed by diseases and suffering.

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