Litvinenko Vladislav Mikhailovich

Litvinenko Vladislav Mikhailovich


Endocrinologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, 32 years of practical experience in medical practice.

A highly qualified specialist in the treatment of diseases caused by a malfunction in the hormonal system.

It works with the causes of diseases, so all patients of Vladislav Mikhailovich can declare that after treatment the disease no longer returns.

In his work, he uses a careful approach to the body, combining traditional methods of treatment with innovative ones, accompanying his patients at every stage of treatment.

In the field of weight loss, I derived my formula as easily, comfortably and with maximum benefit for the body to get rid of extra pounds.

Vladislav Mikhailovich calls his formula “triangle of health” and it consists in parallel correction of metabolism (endocrinologist), correction of the body (osteopathy) and correction of emotions (psychologist).

It is such a bundle that gives a stable long-term result with a comfortable weight loss.

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